Servers & Storage

Servers and storage  play a critical role in hosting applications, files, access control and identity among many other critical business services.   Many times they are over looked because they simply do their job in the back room, a closet or in a data center but their role is imperative to business today.  RM Telecom provides, services and manages servers and storage tailored to your specific need with attention to every detail.  Solutions include  Dell, Nutanix, Simplivity, EqualLogic, Nimble, Tintri, Pure Storage, EMC, VMWare, Microsoft, Red Hat, Openstack and more

Cloud Services

Cloud services are taking an ever more dominant role in todays IT footprint.  Many organizations have dipped their toes in to the cloud services arena by leveraging Microsoft's Office 365 SaaS offering for Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint and more.  Office 365 has been embraced so well that many business are looking  to embrace additional cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce QuickBooks among many others.  The reason for the rapid growth of cloud is availability, rapid deployment and simplified management and administration from an end user standpoint.  Furthermore this allows companies to shift from a capital expenditure model to a consumption based monthly reoccurring model, similar to your power bill, you only pay for what you use with no large upfront costs.  Implementing cloud services does however have some requirements that are not traditionally needed for legacy on premise solutions, such as identity management.  But have no fear, RM Telecom can navigate you through your journey to the cloud and design the right solution that fits your organization. 

End User Computing

End user computing has traditionally been correlated to desktops and laptops however that model has completely changed.  With an ever more connected world end users have a variety of options to stay productive such a phones, tablets and BYOD.  RM Telecom can provide end user solutions that enhance productivity and availability regardless of where work is being done, while maintaining security and protecting the critical data assets that are important to your business.


Just as computers have revolutionized businesses to "always on" entities telephony has been embraced hand in hand.  Todays voice over IP (VoIP) solutions have brought down costs over traditional land lines and greatly enhanced flexibility and mobility by providing some of the most sought after solutions in the market such as voicemail to email, unlimited local and long distance calling, no contacts, number portability and mobile applications that turn your mobile phone in to a desk phone all without the need to share your mobile number with your customers, maintaining your privacy.  RM Telecom provides a host of solutions behind our 8x8 flagship VoIP offering.  We are here to help, let us know how! 

Managed Services

Managed Services provides piece of mind to organizations allowing them to focus on their business.  Our managed services solutions provide transparent services that proactively work to mitigate outages and trouble tickets that can bog down your organizational productivity.  Through the use of smart tools with a dash of human intervention RM Telecom can ensure that your infrastructure is preforming optimally, patches and upgrades are taking place, applications are being properly installed, security is enforced and everything in between.  Additionally we will have you back up an running in short time should you need end user support services such as printers not working, websites not loading and much more, all just a phone call away.  Contact RM Telecom today for a managed service solution that fits your budget and needs.

Network Infrastructure

Networks are the plumbing that ties all of your network resources together while keeping the bad guys out.  RM Telecom provides a host of network infrastructure services that include next generation firewalls, switches and VPN access.  Next generation network devices fill a critical need in protecting your organization from data breaches, malware, ransomware and advanced persistent threats as well as providing the performance needed to enhance efficiency across all network resources.  Contact RM Telecom today to learn how you can turn your network in to a Ferrari at the cost of a Chevy.


WiFi is like oxygen this day in age, its everywhere and when it doesn't work it might possibly be the number one cause of stress in America.    Secure wireless network are very important to ensure data integrity and privacy and this is one area in which many organizations fail, inadvertently opening themselves up to malicious activity.  RM Telecom leverages next generation wireless solutions that not only perform well under stress, but are also extremely secure.  With all of the wireless devices on the market today it is important that your network is setup properly to mitigate the additional risk that they internet of things has presented, from wireless music players, to doorbells, cameras and even toilets and yet every day they are installed in wireless networks that have access to your computers and servers.  Its not all doom and gloom, RM Telecom can help you achieve the best of both worlds

Internet of Things (IOT)

"Alexa, order me a pepperoni pizza"  The Internet of Things or IOT as it is affectionately referred by the tech community has exploded in recent years.  Solutions such as Echo, SmartThings, NEST, Ring and many others are some of the most sought after devices today.  Often after the box of joy arrives my people are immediately taken back by the level of complexity required to implement IOT solutions, others simply fumble through the setup only to put themselves at risk.  RM Telecom has the knowledge and experience to have you safely and easily deploy your IOT device while maintaining your sanity.

Network Video

Cameras are everywhere today and their adoption continues to grow at exponential rates.  Many areas in Europe have more cameras than people.  In an ever litigious world their importance is needed more then ever from the workplace to the home.  But as I'm sure you have seen on the local news not all camera solutions are created equal, often footage of robberies are such poor quality this is sometimes difficult discern the race of the individual being shown.  It does not have to be that way.  RM Telecom provides high quality, cost efficient network video solutions for home or office.  Contact RM Telecom to find out how we can bring focus to your video solution whoa.


“I get by with a little help from my friends.”  - John Lennon  Music has the ability to change the mood in any environment.  It has the ability to brighten your day, make the work day go a little faster and express you our your businesses personality.  RM Telecom can deliver the perfect solution for your home or business, give us a call today.

Sturctured Cabling

RM Telecom offers a full suite of structured cabling solutions for your organization,  Our solution include Category 5/6/7 UTP, Fiber Optics (SM & MM), Coaxial and Audio cabling.  As well as IDF and MDF consulting, design and buildout providing a turn key solution for your organization

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