RM Telecom was started in 2006 by Ryan Moline to make technology seamless and beneficial to its clients. By providing unparalled service and stunningly creative solutions that are just the right fit for your organization.  With technical expertise spanning nearly every sector and organizational size we are sure to deliver a solution that will leave you completely satisfied.


Ryan Moline

Founder & CTO

Ryan holds a degree is Information Systems and Economics.  He has started multiple successful technology companies.  With his keen understanding of all things tech where he consistently designs elaborate, secure and, yet easy to use systems. When he is not immersed in technology he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, coaching sports,  and outdoor activities.

Dustin Kramer


Dustin is your traditional computer geek with a flair.  He has a wife and son, and is known to be a connoisseur of fine wine and dive bars.  His technology career has run the gamut from with the likes of healthcare,  judicial and defense positions.  He excels in large environments but caters to even the smallest of organizations.

Javier Lopez


Javier is an Omaha transplant who hails from Long Island.  He is the go to guy for all things mobile and Internet of Things.  When not spending time with his Wife and kids Javier enjoys tinkering with cutting edge tech and gaming.


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